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It's Phragmites, Phragmites australis, Phragmites communis, common reed, common reedgrass, giant reed, giant reedgrass, elephant grass, water reed, cane, yellow cane, Roseau, or roseau cane.

It's pronounced frag-MY-teez.


"It's time to take control of the Phragmites"
This website was started in August 2007 by the people of Harsens Island, Michigan who are ready to take control of the Phragmites which have invaded their island. Phragmites is the common reed plant which has taken over much or our shoreline, many of our canals and a major portion of the island's wetland areas. It out competes the native plants and creates a monoculture of reeds. It reduces the biodiversity of plants and therefore the biodiversity of animal life. It limits views, limits access to the lake, rivers and canals for recreational purposes, it reduces property values and is a fire hazard to many buildings.


General homeowner / landowner introduction to phragmites available at


WIPE-IT Hebicide Applicator


Phragmites Control Events including Workshops

Bob's Powerpoint Presentation
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Herbicide and Surfactant Information

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Phragmites Newsletter

If you would like to be on a general email list to receive notices of other phragmites control events and information about controlling phragmites send your name to along with a message which says "subscribe." Archives of previous issues are available at Newsletter Archives.



Harsens Island Phragmites Committee

A committee has been formed to continue to study the phragmites problem on Harsens Island and its solutions. We welcome others who would like to join the effort by further researching the topic and sharing knowledge on eliminating phragmites. If you are interested contact Bob Williams at or call Chuck Miller at 810-748-7209.



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