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Phragmites Control

on Beaver Island, Michigan

Beaver Island shoreline before first Phragmites treatment.

Peaine & St. James Townships on Beaver Island, Michigan are groundbreaking local governments leading the fight against Phragmites. In the summer of 2007, in conjunction with the Beaver Island Association, they initiated a Phragmites control plan island wide by hiring a contractor to spray all Phragmites along the shoreline, both on public and private property. In 2008 they continued their work by passing a Township ordinance to assist the Phragmites control efforts. Preliminary copies of the ordinance and Phragmites Ordinance proceedures are available below.


Peaine Township Webpage on Phragmites

Peaine Township Phragmites Ordinance

Peaine Township Phragmites Ordinance Proceedures

2/7/09 Presentation by Brian Mastenbrook of Michigan DNR


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