Resources for Phragmites Management

It's pronounced frag-MY-teez.

It's Phragmites australis, Phragmites communis, common reed, common reedgrass, giant reed, giant reedgrass, elephant grass, water reed, cane, yellow cane, Roseau, or roseau cane.

View from house blocked by phragmites. photo by Bob Williams


"Invasive Phragmites" MI

"Danger in the Reeds" MA

"Saving Shorelines from Invasive Plants" WI

"Stop The Invasion" CA


WEMU Radio, MI

PowerPoint Presentations

The National Park Service

Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative

Books and Brochures

"A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites"

"Weed Control Methods Handbook: Tools & Techniques for Use in Natural Areas"

Webcasts and Webinars

The Stewardship Network 2008

The Stewardship Network 2009

Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative


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Organizations Involved in Invasive Species Management

The Nature Conservancy

The Stewardship Network

Michigan Invasive Plant Council

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network

Michigan Native Plant Producers Association


Wipe-It Herbicide Applicator

Treatment/Management Prioritization Worksheet

Treatment/Management Prioritization Instructions Email Newsletter

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