WIPE-IT Herbicide Applicator

Williams Invasive Plant Eradication Indispensable Tool

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The WIPE-IT was designed to replace traditional hand-wicking or hand-wiping of weeds and invasive plants. Hand-wicking is normally used to chemically treat individual weeds with herbicide. It has been used for decades as an option to foliar spraying undesirable plants which are in close proximity to desirable plants. Overspray from foliar spraying can kill adjacent plants. Traditional hand wiping, sometimes referred to as the "glove of death" method, usually involves placing a chemical resistant glove over one hand, putting a cotton glove over that, spraying herbicide on the cotton glove and hand wiping the undesirable plant. The chemical resistant gloves are usually long and the cuffs are turned up to catch herbicide which runs down the gloves.

As an alternative to the "glove-of-death" I developed the WIPE-IT, a hand tool consisting of a spring steel handle, plastic tube extensions and removable absorbent wicks. A spray bottle adjusted to a single stream is used to apply herbicide to the wicks. The invasive plant is grabbed near its base and the WIPE-IT is drawn up the plant while the wicks deposit the herbicide on its leaves and stems. WIPE-IT is 22" long, and many plants can be treated without the user bending over. The wicks are 6" long. Plants can be treated to a height of about 8 feet from the ground without difficulty. The spring steel handle can be adjusted to fit the user's grip size and the desired gap for the plants being treated.

Note: If the phragmites which you wish to treat is not in close proximity to endangered or threatened species of plants or plants you wish to save it is usually easier to spray the phragmites directly using a garden sprayer rather than to wick the herbicide onto individual plants with a WIPE-IT tool.




Included in the WIPE-IT Kit
-Spring steel and wood handle with plastic tube extensions
-One pair of wicks
-One spray bottle
-Three pairs of disposable, chemical resistant, nitrile gloves
-One small re-sealable bag for cleaning the
-One large plastic storage bag
-One instruction sheet

Note: Hebicide is not included with the WIPE-IT kit.




I developed the WIPE-IT specifically to apply herbicide to phragmites and other invasive plants. If you have ideas for other uses for the WIPE-IT I would appreciate hearing from you. After you use the WIPE-IT in the field I welcome your comments on its quality, ease of use, and the clarity of the instructions. Recommendations for needed modifications are welcomed.

Thank you,

Bob Williams
Stewart Farm
2007 Stewart Rd.
Harsens Island, Michigan 48028, USA